A simple leather belt that comes with a removable buckle. Designed with simplicity in mind, we also want you to be able to use Brody for your lifetime. The best thing about Brody is that If the belt is worn out, you can just buy the buckle and if its the other way around, you can just buy the buckle. You can also choose to buy a different colour buckle or belt colour to mix and match.


 Simple buckle design
 Comes in three sizes (32, 34, 36, 38) [please note: the sizes is exact measurement in inches for your waist]
- Size 32 will fit a Size 30
- Size 34 will fit a Size 32
- Size 36 will fit a Size 34
- Size 38 will fit a Size 36
 Removable & Replaceable belt/buckle
     102.5cm x 4.2cm
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