How do i track my order?

All shipped orders can be tracked online for you to check where your parcel is currently locating at. You can track your parcel online using these two methods:

You can find your tracking number from the shipping confirmation email we sent you (which should appear in your inbox within 2 business days after purchase). The email will contain a tracking number and link.

I am unable to track my order

If you are unable to track your parcel which has been over 3 weeks since you received your shipping confirmation email, please contact us at jon@volo.me and let us know so we can follow up on your order.

My order still hasn't arrived

If your order hasn't arrive within the maximum estimated timeframe, please contact us at jon@volo.me and let us know your order details so we can send out a replacement using express shipping wherever its available.

I want to cancel my order

Contact jon@volo.me within 48hours after placing your order, so that we are able to catch any transaction settlement and shipping before it goes through. Cancellations requested after this window frame will be treated as regular refunds.


Where are Volo Goods made?

All of our products are hand-crafted in Malaysia.

What are the type of leathers used?

Volo Goods product are made from different type of leathers to give a different character and texture to each product.

Type of leather:

1. Saffiano Leather
2. Textured Leather
3. Smooth Nappa Leather
4. Semi Aniline leather
5. Wrinkled Leather
6. Pebbled Leather
7. Full Grain Leather


    What are the options for payment?

    Volo Goods Store happily accepts Paypal as payment option. Paypal allows you to make payments via your debit/credit card Paypal account WITHOUT having you to become a Paypal member.

    I don't have a Paypal account, do i need to sign up one?

    it is not necessary to sign up for a Paypal account if you don't have one. Once you check out, you will be brought to Paypal's payment portal. You will be given an option to sign in with your registered Paypal account OR you may use the service as a guest and continue to key in your debit/credit card details.

    Paypal just charged me 1 USD. What is this charged for?

    This only occurs when you sign up as a Paypal member. But worry not! The 1 USD charged by Paypal is a verification fee. Once you have made full payment of your purchase via Paypal, you will be refunded the 1 USD charged to your debit/credit card. The refund is not done immediately thus it is suggested that you check with Paypal or your debit/credit card issuing bank for further information on the refund.

    Currency options

    You have the option to pay in USD, MYR, and AUD. All transactions are processed in the cerrency shown on the product and checkout pages. Most countries have tax included in the price, or else the tax will be shown on the checkout page before purchase confirmation.