Proper care and treatment of your leather product will not only improve the patina but will also ensure its longevity.

• Using a soft brush, gently brush to remove any dust.

• Clean using cold water and neutral soap (without any chemicals). With a sponge, gently wipe (**Avoid using hot water**)

• Remove the soap with the same method, using only cold water.

• Remove any excess water with a sponge and then shake off to ensure that no water marks are left (**Should water marks appear please use a damp sponge and wipe over the affected area before once again removing excess water**)

• Allow to dry in ventilated area far from direct sources of heat (radiators, etc.) and direct sunlight.

• It is possible to clean the leather with a wool soaked in some neuter cleansing (which also contributes in giving brightness and nourishment to your garment). On suede in certain instances it is possible to remove light and soft stains with a rubber.

Doing any of the following will damage or remove the proofing and may void the garment’s warranty:

• Do not dry clean.
• Do not machine wash. 
• Do not tumble dry. 
• Do not use soap or detergent of any kind. 
• Do not use solvents or bleach. 
• Do not iron or starch. 
• Do not force dry or expose to a direct flame. 
• Do not expose to direct sunlight for a long period of time (such as rear car window). 

We would also recommend taking your leather product to a specialist reputable and professional Leather Care or cleaning company when needed as this will make caring for it day-to-day much easier. 


• Keep in area with good ventilation, away from direct sunlight or heat sources. 

• Do Not store in any plastic bags or clip-seal bags as the film will dry the leather and may stick to the leather after long periods of time.

• Do Not store in places with high humidity or wet places.


Please contact us if you need your product repair at info@volo.me and our team will contact you shortly on how we can help repair the product.