Volo Goods Joining Forces with Ana Tomy

We would like to make the announcement that we will be joining forces with Ana Tomy with our Leather Product Line. 

We will continue to stock any product line that does not fit Ana Tomy's product line for any fans, but we will not be producing any more new Volo Goods leather products. 

Do continue to support our goods at Ana Tomy - www.ana-tomy.co (Approx to launch in Dec 2018).

Volo Goods will remain as an Artisan Leather Goods maker and will continue to work with Corporate Partners and Brand Partners on the development of high quality artisan made leather products. 

We intend to launch simple self-make kits for enthusiasts and to help people appreciate leather craftsmanship. We also start to create workshops to guide people on leather making with the focus of helping people respect and appreciate leather making better.